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Addiction hijacks our natural reward pathways for growth. This can lead to dependency and a loss of control as the addictive substance/activity/relationship begins to take priority over healthier and more meaningful experiences.


We are particularly vulnerable to the sway of addiction as the processes involved in addiction synchronise naturally with our healthy development pathways and infiltrate them, replacing the fulfilling exploits, which enable us to learn and grow, with instant gratification.

When we experience feelings of dissatisfaction, disconnection or boredom it can be tempting to fill this empty void with excessive amounts of a pleasurable substance, activity or relationship in an attempt to find meaning or numb. Acknowledging these impulses is the first step towards understanding what is driving them and turning towards a more deeply fulfilling future. Perhaps, you have realised you're spending too much time, money, or attention on it, have sensed a loss of control or have noticed damaging effects on your physical or mental health, or relationships. Whether its cigarettes, drugs, sex, alcohol, food, relationships, work, gambling, or something totally different, with practical and compassionate support you can learn to tune in to what really makes you tick, and begin to channel your attention towards nurturing the people and things in life that matter to you, healthily.

We will work together to:

- Understand how addiction functions in our natural processes for growth

- Determine the source of the individual's vulnerability to addiction

- Identify what emotional needs are being met through the addiction and find positive ways to meet these

- Support mental health holistically and practically with proven techniques across a variety of disciplines

- Identify and treat anything that is getting in the way of you meeting your needs healthily, whether it is early conditioning, trauma or limiting self-beliefs

- Take back control of what you give meaning to, and how you spend your time and resources

- Set up positive expectations for life and the future

- Prepare for stressful and high-risk situations

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