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There is a difference between stretching yourself meaningfully, which ultimately leaves you energised, and feeling totally overwhelmed, trapped and exhausted. Stress can damage your self esteem, fuel self-doubt, and impact your relationships. Further down the line it can disrupt your physical health including the functioning of your immune system. Above all, stress can feel isolating and all-encompassing. 


Stress is the result of a build up of pressure, that initially might have been manageable but increasingly feels overwhelming and leaves you feeling exhausted. This pressure can be accumulated through ongoing stresses at work or in relationships, or it may be due to one of life's big transitions.

I will help you to find peace and learn to manage your stress healthily in the context of your life. We will work together to build up your confidence, nourish your innate strengths and resources, and if necessary, reframe exceedingly high expectations of yourself, so that you can start to think clearly and calmly again.

We will work together to:

- Relieve the weight of excessive stress and reduce the impact of it on your life

- Provide an understanding of your experience of stress within the context of your life and your emotional needs

- Learn to deeply relax so that you can think calmly and clearly, accessing your strengths and clarity at will

- Take back control over your time so you can free up time to rejuvenate and have fun

- Set boundaries to confine stressful situations to a minimum

- Rehearse and prepare for potentially stressful situations

- Tap back into your strengths and resources and build up confidence

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