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Anger is an important survival function. It keeps us safe, enables us to assert our boundaries effectively and protect ourselves and others if necessary; however when we regularly give it total reign, it can be incredibly stressful on the body and mind.

Like anything dopamine enhancing anger can also be highly addictive. When you allow a hot rush of anger to overwhelm you it causes you to see in black and white giving you a false sense of control and power. Although you feel in control and 'in the right', the anger function actually stops intelligent brain functioning by cutting off the higher cortex of the brain preventing you from seeing subtlety or solutions.

Perhaps you've noticed the destructive effects on your relationships, decision making, or even on your physical health. In excess, anger can be incredibly damaging to the body, putting more stress on the physical body than any other emotion, and doing serious harm to the heart.

Now is a great time to learn to master your anger. Our work will involve a compassionate inquiry as to any root causes at the heart of your anger and treating these, whilst working holistically on changing the behavioural and cognitive patterns that lead to moderating the anger emotion.

We will work together to:

- Understand the source of where the individual's vulnerability to anger lies and develop new ways to meet needs healthily

- Treat any traumas or sub-threshold traumas if necessary

- Cognitive and behavioural tools to manage anger reaction effectively

- Practical support and tools with communication if necessary

- Rehearse and prepare for stressful situations

- Set positive expectations for life and the future

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