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Behaviour Change

All behaviour is an attempt to meet our emotional and physical needs. As we mature and develop, both our needs and the ways in which we meet them change, however, sometimes old behaviour sticks around. This behaviour can lodge in our memories with strong emotional attachment, especially when it has developed in childhood. Whether it is related to communicating with a loved one, managing your reactions and impulses, or habits in the workplace, changing behavioural and cognitive patterns is very achievable. 

Behaviour change often involves a similar process to working with addictions related to ‘counter-conditioning’. I utilise a holistic approach that provides a scientific and compassionate understanding of why we behave in certain ways, based on identifying areas of conditioning from childhood to adulthood, how habits and behaviour develops, and how to start new habit-forming patterns, attune to our needs, that we can build on.

We will work together to:

- Understand what these habits are 'doing for you' in the context of getting your needs met and how they developed

- Identify healthy patterns to replace these and learn how to successfully implement these into your life

- Rehearse stressful situations that might trigger old behaviour patterns

- Improve your mental health and nurture a compassionate understanding of your own behaviour

- Set up positive expectations for life and the future

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