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Untreated trauma can feel all-consuming and prevent us from living a healthy life where we are meeting our needs in balance. In order to protect us, trauma can dysregulate our nervous system, triggering our fear response to go into overdrive so we feel as if we are constantly under threat and in survival mode. This can be terrifying and isolating, and cause us to avoid certain situations, people or things, disrupt our sleep patterns and prevent us from doing the things we used to enjoy. 


We are most vulnerable to trauma when we are already under serious emotional stress. Traumatic experiences are usually processed healthily after 6 weeks, however if those memories persist with being intrusive, as if continuing to exist in the present, we should seek help. 

With a holistic understanding of the person and their needs, I work using the highly effective Rewind Technique. This enables the client to process the memory safely, unhooking the extreme flight response from the memory, and allowing you to put it into the past. It is the least invasive technique, and does not involve digging up traumatic memories unnecessarily.

We will work together to:

- Treat the trauma/sub-threshold trauma at the heart of the issue using the Rewind Technique

- Build confidence towards restoring meaningful relationships, and engaging in every day life again

- Practical support on getting one's emotional needs met healthily

- Utilise evidence-based techniques to lower the extreme emotional response from the memory

- Learn to deeply relax so you can think calmly and clearly at will

- Share critical insights so you can make sense of the traumatic experience

- Set positive expectations for life and the future

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