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Anxiety + OCD

Fear is a vital function of survival. It helps us navigate the world safely, keeping us out of harm. However too much of it can have damaging effects on our physical and mental health.


Are you experiencing unsettling symptoms of anxiety? Perhaps, you have felt like something inexplicable is wrong, or felt out of control of thought cycles, as if sucked into a vortex of unsettling worrying that you can't get out of, maybe it has been difficult to make decisions, or you have felt on edge and unable to feel calm. Perhaps, you are also suffering physically with chest pain, digestions issues, dissociation or feeling disconnected. It can be unsettling and isolating trying to make sense of this strange state. 

You are not alone! And the good news is there is a wealth of experience and support to help you feel yourself again so you can go back to doing the things you enjoyed, connecting with people, and leading a fulfilling life again.


The body has a powerful way of letting us know when something is not right; Jung described anxiety as “an attempt at self-cure…It is an attempt of the self-regulating psychic system to restore the balance”. A combination of empowering, practical and calming psychological skills, as well as certain changes to the way you live can get you back on track to living a meaningful life.

If you have found this page, you are already on your way to gaining control of these symptoms and learning to navigate through our fast moving world confidently and at your own pace.

We will work together to:

- Learn how to relax deeply so you can think clearly and calmly

- Understand anxiety, the 'misuse' of the imagination, and how to use the imagination to your advantage

- Cut excessive worry circuits with effective cognitive and behavioural solutions

- Uncover the source(s) of the anxiety and focus attention on meeting your emotional needs healthily and in balance

- Set positive expectations for life and the future

- Establish boundaries based around your needs

- Utilise strengths and resources to work towards positive goals

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