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Depression is a very human vulnerability. Most people go through at least one depressive episode in their lives, or more if they do not learn the skills to manage it. Depression can feel totally debilitating and isolating and strongly impact the functioning of the physical body.

The good news is that with a practical, holistic, and compassionate approach, the majority of cases of depression can be treated quickly.

Depression is a natural process that occurs when our innate needs are not being met in balance. It is our body's way of letting us know that something in our life needs to be tweaked to meet them. Learning about our emotional needs so we can identify what is going wrong and acquire the skills needed to conquer your depression effectively will enable you to get back to living your life again, wiser, confident, and with more compassion. You will also have the resilience to meet your needs and the skills in your toolkit to prevent depression from coming back.

I offer a holistic tailored insight into depression and how to find peace, so that you can manage it healthily and get back to living a fulfilling life again.

What we will work on together:

- Learn to relax deeply so you can start to think clearly again

- Identify if anything is holding you back from getting your emotional needs met and treat this

- Stop the cycle of worrying so you have more spare emotional capacity to focus on meeting your emotional needs healthily and start to enjoy the small details in life again

- Find peace within yourself and in the world around you

- Practical support in how to meet your emotional needs

- Insight into the cycle of depression and how to read the signs your body is sending you so you can nourish good mental health and prevent depression from coming back in the future

- Understand the relationship between depression and sleep so you can get back to having replenishing sleep

- Set positive expectations for life and the future

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