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English-Speaking Humanistic Therapist in Berlin

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English counselling in Berlin

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Tap into your resources

Nurture the strengths within you.


Needs- oriented

Meet your emotional needs to live a balanced and meaningful life. 


Effective therapy

Start to feel better and more confident about the future fast.

My Approach

Science and self-compassion are at the core of my approach.

As a Human Givens therapist, I draw upon a variety of proven techniques from diverse approaches, centred around the client's needs, including cognitive, interpersonal, behavioural, humanistic, mindfulness and more to enable you to become healthy and confident in your own style.

Our body usually has ways of telling us when something is not right. I work intuitively to help you get in sync with yourself and listen to these signs compassionately so that you can handle any challenging circumstances that come your way healthily.

I work from the humanistic perspective, which means that in order to help a person reach their full potential for love, creativity, growth, connection, flow, purpose and exploration, we need to take into account the whole person.

About me

I am a queer-friendly therapist based in Berlin using the pronouns she/her. There is a wealth of knowledge across the span of history, from the Stoics to Confucius, that continues to inform our understanding about the human condition and how to live meaningfully. I first started to access some of this ancient wisdom whilst studying Sanskrit and ancient Indian philosophy for 3 years at Oxford University. Whilst completing my MSc in Psychology and training as a Human Givens counsellor I was able to incorporate some of these insights with modern developments in neurology and further counselling methods to provide a holistic treatment for the mind, body and soul. 

Therapeutic Approach Anchor

Therapy Expertise

Whatever you are going through, whether it is a combination of the below, or perhaps, does not fit under any of these labels, get in touch to have a chat about taking the next steps towards freeing yourself from whatever is holding you back.

We will work together holistically to draw out the root of the issue and soothe the immediate symptoms so you can navigate life's challenges and transitions confidently and meaningfully.

Expetise Anchor
"Otti helped me to understand how much I am capable of doing things as per my needs. The sessions with Otti made me believe in myself and I realized the importance of "living a life". I was really happy that I could work with Otti."


Get in touch! Anchor
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